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New Normal Insights Presented on SCMP Sponsored Channel (Aug 31) carried a series of sponsored articles featuring interviews with distinguished business and political leaders as well as articles by our faculty on challenges and opportunities amid the pandemic outbreak. The special edition also recapped the major HKUST’s collective efforts in fight against the COVID-19.


Listing and Delisting of Family Businesses (Aug 27)
HK Economic Times carried an article by Prof. PENG Qian, Director of Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies, on pros and cons of listing or delisting of family businesses. She highlighted that if family businesses can seize an opportunity to list or delist at the right time, it may be beneficial to both the family and the company.

US-China Trade Talks as Election Approaches (Aug 21)
Commenting on the delayed US-China trade talks, Prof. Albert PARK, Department of Economics, shared his views in BBC Chinese that the trade war should have receded by now, but political calculation overrode economy consideration and will sustain US continuous attack on China in the short term.

A Master in Finance Helps Accelerate Career in Trading (Aug 21)
Business Because featured an HKUST graduate, James JAHNKE, MSc in Global Finance, on why he chose to study the HKUST-NYU partnership program and how his learning experience has deepened his knowledge of the financial sector and landed a job as a software developer at a top trading company.

Faculty Gender Balance (Aug 20)
Poets and Quants and Yahoo!Finance carried articles on the trends of top business education in the past and future decade. HKUST Business School was mentioned to have the highest proportion on female faculty (30 per cent) amongst the top business schools in the world.

How Organizations Can Help Employees Transition to Remote Work (Aug 20)
Prof. J.T. LI, Lee Quo Wei Professor of Business, wrote in HK Economic Times to share some tips to improve working efficiency during the pandemic situation. He said that it is necessary to conduct more extensive discussion and in-depth research on productivity changes, corporate performance and employee benefits brought about by remote work.

Time to Rethink Sino-US Trade War (Aug 15)
BBC (Chinese) and HK Economic Times cited comments by Head and Chair Prof. Albert PARK, Department of Economics, in articles on the delayed US-China Trade. He said a successful trade agreement with China can support the shaky US economy, and may soften the US government’s anti-China stance.

Smart Thinking, Smart Technology Required to Reindustrialize HKSAR (Aug 16)
China Daily carried an article co-written by Adjunct Prof. Edwin KEH, Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics & Operations Management (ISOM). He said that reindustrialization is viable for Hong Kong if efforts are well-targeted and made to enhance the city’s strengths.

Decline of US Power (Aug 14)
Prof. Emeritus Francis LUI, Department of Economics, wrote an article in Headline Daily on why the US is losing its world superpower status. He suggested US to cut expenditures on military and spend more money on fighting the epidemic and scientific research, rather than pointing fingers at others.

SFC Urges Caution on Stock Prices of “Next Digital” (Aug 13)
Emeritus Prof. Francie LUI, Department of Economics, shared his perspective in Global Times on the Next Digital’s recent fluctuation in stock price. He said that the company doesn't offer much values as an investment.

TikTok Ban Is a 'Lose-Lose' Proposition (Aug 13)
Associate Prof. Allen HUANG, Department of Accounting, wrote an article in HK Economic Times on the possible forced sale of TikTok's US business, saying this would put both the seller and buyer in a lose-lose situation.

Named Professorships for Outstanding Faculty (Aug 11)
Sing Tao Daily and Ming Pao Daily News reported the fifth named professorship inauguration ceremony at HKUST to honor the donors and 11 outstanding faculty members (including five at HKUST Business School). 

US Sanctions Pose Quandary for Banks Operating in Hong Kong (Aug 11)
Global Times cited comments by Prof. Emeritus Francis LUI, Department of Economics, in an article on the US sanctions on HK and mainland officials. He said that such sanctions have no legal standing in Hong Kong, but could still put some locally operated foreign banks with strong links to the US in a quandary.

Four Indian Students created an Edibleware to replace Plastic Cutlery (Aug 10)
Several media portals, including HK Economic Times,  ODN and HK Economic Journal featured four Indian students from the Business School and the School of Engineering who have created an edible vegan cutlery to fight HK’s plastic tableware crisis.  The invention won them the Focus Area Award under the category of Environment Sustainability in the HKUST-Sino One Million Entrepreneurship Competition.

Gold Gains as Investors Seek Safety Amid US-China Tensions (Aug 10)
Ming Pao Daily News carried an exclusive interview with Emeritus Prof. Francis LUI, Department of Economics, who shared the investment strategy amid the current US-China relationship and suggested buying gold coins as a safe haven.

Delhi Startup Helps Rural India to Become Financially Inclusive (Aug 7) featured an business undergraduate student, Naman TEKRIWAL, who co-founded a Delhi-based fintech startup “Rural Invest”, to connect the rural masses to modern investment scopes.

Local Universities Help Foster Fintech Development (Aug 3 & 6)
EJInsight and HK Economic Journal cited the study led by Prof. TAM Kar Yan, Dean of HKUST Business School, on “Fintech Talent Development, Competency and Manpower” which has identified 13 core competencies for fintech professionals and how universities can contribute in fintech development.

Family Office – Finance Research Perspectives (Aug 6)
Professor Chu ZHANG, Department of Finance, wrote an article in HK Economic Times to share his views on potential research topics on family offices, from the perspectives of the two traditional finance research areas: investment and corporate finance.


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