[eNews] Economics Faculty Contributes to COVID-19 Survey

Professor Kohei KAWAGUCHI from the Department of Economics has successfully raised funds to conduct his fourth survey that examines small business managers and the impact of anti-pandemic measures in Japan.

While many countries, including Japan, have taken drastic measures to combat the COVID-19 crisis, very few assessments are conducted on small businesses. Professor’s Kawaguchi’s quarterly survey will address this gap and contribute to the policy debate on the optimal economic and epidemiological polices. By quantifying key effects of these policies, the surveys aim to support better policy-making decisions and balance economic activities against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Echoing the School’s mission to contribute towards social and economic development in the Asia-Pacific region, Professor Kawaguchi and his team of academics have previously given seminars for several key leaders driving COVID-related policies in Japan. These leaders include committee members from the governmental COVID-19 task force and public officers from the Ministries of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

Read Professor Kawaguchi’s research paper based on the first two survey results here.


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