[eNews] Students Innovate New Projects in the “New Normal”

Since COVID-19 broke out, students all over the world have had to instantly adapt to learning and working on projects via online platforms. While the world is still adapting to the “new normal”, our students have demonstrated great adaptability, agility, and intelligence, virtually completing and excelling in several innovative projects.

Corporate Project with Carousell

Corporate Project with P&G

During the fall and winter terms this year, students worked on consulting projects with three corporate partners, including Carousell, P&G, and sensory ZERO, non-profit partners such as Kaifong Tour, as well as working on community service projects organized by the Undergraduate Programs Office. The projects required students to apply knowledge and skills to real-life business scenarios.

Corporate Project with sensory ZERO

Community Services Project with Kaifong Tour

Throughout the project period, students also teamed up with employees at the partnering organizations and our faculty advisors to conduct thorough market research and devise marketing strategies. The projects concluded with students pitching and presenting their ideas to the organizations. Our students overcame several social distancing hurdles and delivered outstanding work while working and presenting in a virtual setting.

Our sincere gratitude goes to Prof Veronique LAFON-VINAIS as the course instructor and Prof Joseph SALVACRUZ as the faculty advisor.

Community Services Project with the Undergraduate Programs Office at HKUST Business School


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